About Flu-M / Flu-M Tetra

The Flu-M and Flu-M Tetra influenza vaccines are trivalent and quadrivalent inactivated split influenza vaccines, which are consistent with the main global trends in the field of development and production of influenza vaccines and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), i.e. they are unadjuvanted inactivated split vaccines containing 15 μg of hemagglutinin (active substance, antigen) per strain and are free of immunomodulators. 


The proprietary strain-to-finished product production technology developed by FSUE SPbSRIVS FMBA of Russia ensures the unique antigen purification with the content of ovalbumin (the main allergen) in the range of 1-2 ng/dose, which is 500-1000 times less than allowed values.

Flu-M Tetra


Influenza vaccine [inactivated]

Contains 4 current strains recommended by the WHO

Contains 3 current strains recommended by the WHO

18 years and older

6 months and older, allowed for use in pregnant women

The immunity lasts for 12 months

Quality of the Flu-M and Flu-M Tetra vaccines 

The high quality of the vaccines was confirmed by independent laboratories of the World Health Organization during the prequalification procedure.

20 marketing authorizations 

Flu-M and Flu-M Tetra are registered and successfully used in many CIS and other countries.

Certified production 

The production of Flu-M and Flu-M Tetra influenza vaccines meets the GMP requirements of the Russian Federation, EAEU countries, Iran, Cuba, and obtained HALAL certification in 2022.